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Your business' subject matter expert

OfficeGenie is your partner in simplifying knowledge management and keeping your team aligned.

Teams save an average of 4

hours every week by using


Built for Business

The AI assistant that gets your business like you do

Harness your team's collective knowledge

Create a powerful, self-improving knowledge base accessible through natural language.

Get information in seconds, not hours

Responses tailored to how your business operates

In-depth source citing to validate information

Enterprise-ready features that get better over time

OfficeGenie's advanced knowledge gap tracking alerts you when questions go unanswered

See where your team needs help

If a team member asks OfficeGenie a question it can't find an answer to, it will automatically mark that subject as a knowledge gap.

Answer once, never again

Once you add the information to resolve the knowledge gap, OfficeGenie instantly indexes and stores the information for later use.

We were able to see where our team was struggling and OfficeGenie gave them that support.

We were able to see where 

our team was struggling

and OfficeGenie gave

them that support.

Earl Maes
President, Emergence Teleradiology

A good tool should solve problems, not create them.

Increased speed to proficiency

Get new hires up to speed 3x quicker than traditional training methods.

Reduced burden of turnover

Make certain that when team members leave, their knowledge and expertise can still be used within the business.

Highlighting & resolving operational ineffiencies

See exactly what questions go unanswered within your business. Answer once and give your whole team a boost.

OfficeGenie is built for



IT support

human resources


service reps


Experience magic at work

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